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Painting Of Time – Yoko Ono Tribute


Make a painting in which the colour
Can be seen only under a certain light.
Let it be a very short moment.

(Yoko Ono, summer 1961)

Painting of Time 2020


We have no evidence that Painting Of Time has ever been performed to date.

Conceptual artists such as Ono and LeWitt exploit the materiality of the elements to create suggestive images in the mind of the viewer.

Over the years, LeWitt, unlike Ono, has developed his own handbook where he explained how to create works of art and he made this sort of manual highly visual and commercial.

What has changed from 1961 up to now? Everything.
These kind of works do not have a concrete form, therefore the “all at once” effect we are used to cancels their conceptual power.

I want technology to give this work a new life.
Here is the reason that encouraged me to carry out this project.
It’s just a matter of being patient, and waiting for the right time of the day.