Full House Exhibition - Localhost Gallery


Localhost is a tangible and miniature exhibition space. Using a modified open-source telepresence rover (think 'rc car with a camera'), Watney Rover, you can access and navigate the space from the homepage. The gallery is built from foam core and other simple materials on the table in my studio. For future exhibitions, I will collaborate with other artists, collectives and institutions to 'host' the gallery and rover in their spaces and create new shows. Decentralized art exhibitions.

Localhost is a term used in computer networking, which refers back to the source computer. The name is taken to illustrate that you visit from your own computer - the gallery comes to you.

Localhost is a project by Drew Nikonowicz

Huge thanks to Tony ForsythePaal Williams and "Master Problem Solver" Jim Friedeck for your help with the programming and networking. This wouldn't exist without you!

Logo design by Roberta Donatini

Follow the project on Instagram at @localhost_gallery and at @drew_nikonowicz